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SFT Schrifted Serif:
5 Key Features

From optical sizes to easy font pairing. Valuable characteristics hidden behind the elegant shapes.
May 2, 2024 ∙ 4 min. read
SFT Schrifted Serif
Beauty is Just the Beginning
Inspired by the picturesque streets of Stockholm, SFT Schrifted Serif can bring a touch of romance to your projects.

Like its sibling, SFT Schrifted Sans, this serif font is all about balance. Its design dances between tradition and innovation, with smooth curves and bold strokes echoing the architectural wonders and botanical beauty of the Swedish capital.

But the real magic lies within its core features, crafted to enhance your experience in ways beyond aesthetics. Let’s take a closer look at what really sets SFT Schrifted Serif apart.
1. From Captions to Headlines
With Text, Subhead, and Display subfamilies, it’s like having a wardrobe full of fonts for every occasion.

Display Subfamily
Need something to grab attention? With its bold strokes and high contrast, Display is perfect for making a statement in headlines, posters, and logos. It’s all about making your message pop and leaving a lasting impression.

Text Subfamily
When it comes to long reads and small sizes, the Text subfamily shines. Its low contrast and balanced proportions ensure readability without sacrificing style.

Subhead Subfamily
Looking for one-size-fits-all option? Enter the Subhead subfamily. Moderate contrast makes it versatile for both text and mid-sized headlines.
SFT Schrifted Serif Optical Sizes. Display, Subhead, Text

Display, Subhead and Text subfamilies in SFT Schrifted Serif gives an opportunity for designers to create stunning compositions using just one font family.

2. Expressive Range from Soft Tones to Bold Statements
The expressive range of SFT Schrifted Serif is like having a versatile actor at your disposal, capable of delivering lines with different tones and volume.

ExtraLight exudes elegance and sophistication with its delicate strokes and smooth transitions, perfect for adding a touch of refinement to your designs. On the other end of the spectrum, Black commands attention with its bold, confident presence, making a statement loud and clear.

The unique graphics of the italics add an extra layer of personality, making the font’s expressive range stretch even further.

So whether you’re aiming for subtle sophistication or bold impact, SFT Schrifted Serif has the range to bring your vision to life.
SFT Schrifted Serif ExtraLight, Medium, Black Italic styles

From the delicate, almost ethereal quality of ExtraLight to the bold, assertive presence of Black, each weight of SFT Schrifted Serif brings its own personality to the stage.

3. Fine-Tuning the Mood with Alternate Characters
Whether it’s swapping out a traditional ‘a’ for a more stylized version or opting for fancy stroke endings alternatives, these options allow you to tailor the font to suit the specific aesthetic of your project.

It’s these little details that can elevate your design from good to great, ensuring that every aspect of your typography reflects the intended mood and message.

And speaking of details, let’s not forget about ligatures — they also contribute their own touch of finesse to the mix.
SFT Schrifted Serif alternate characters

Alternates may seem like small details, but they can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your project, helping you create designs that are as unique and diverse as the projects themselves.

4. Extensive Language Support and Over 1000 Glyphs
Language support is robust, with 200+ languages from the Latin group along with extensive Cyrillic support for 60+ languages. SFT Schrifted Serif will come in handy whether you’re crafting a poster in Portuguese, a website in Welsh, or a menu in Bulgarian.

SFT Schrifted Serif offers a diverse range of numbers, whether you’re looking for standard figures for running text, tabular figures for neatly aligning columns, or old-style figures for a classic and elegant touch. It also provides small numbers for use in footnotes or captions as well as built-in fractions for seamless integration into your design projects.

Plus, with an array of 18 currency symbols, SFT Schrifted Serif ensures you’re ready for any financial context.

SFT Schrifted Serif offers a wide array of punctuation marks and symbols. From basic punctuation and symbols like commas or arrows to more specialized ones like Integral or Liter Sign, every element is carefully crafted to maintain consistency and readability throughout your designs.
SFT Schrifted Serif Character Set

In essence, with SFT Schrifted Serif, you can dive into your design projects with confidence, knowing that every character, symbol, and punctuation mark you need is right at your fingertips.

5. No Need to Worry About Font Pairing
It already has its perfect match: SFT Schrifted Sans. Built on the same foundation, these fonts share identical constructions, weight distributions, and technical specifications.

While SFT Schrifted Sans exudes a straightforward demeanor, its Serif counterpart embodies elegance. Together, they engage in a harmonious dialogue, like kindred spirits sharing a conversation.
SFT Schrifted Serif and SFT Schrifted Sans font pair

SFT Schrifted Serif and Sans effortlessly complement each other, offering a balanced and sophisticated aesthetic.

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