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SFT Schrifted Sans Font
SFT Schrifted Sans Font
Read about licenses here. If you’re unsure which license is right for you, or if you need a custom/unlimited license, please don’t hesitate to email us at We’d be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have!
SFT Schrifted Sans is a functional geometric sans serif with a twist.
The objective of this typeface was to create a modern sans serif font that could be used for a variety of purposes. The design of this typeface should be minimalist and stylish, and it should be able to effectively and accurately solve user problems. The font family should have a wide range of tools to allow for both a strict and concise layout as well as a more expressive design.
The graphic design for SFT Schrifted Sans was inspired by the city of Stockholm and its reputation for stylish and functional design. It was enough to spend three month there to develop a solution that embodies the spirit of local typography, even though the typeface does not directly reference any specific Swedish inscriptions.

The primary appearance of the font is a geometric sans serif with generous proportions. In addition, a more compact version will be available for use in more “everyday” tasks that may benefit from its slightly smaller proportions.
SFT Schrifted Sans can be used in a variety of ways, including as a text font in regular styles with the default stylistic set, and as a headline font in bolder styles when special stylistic sets are enabled.
SFT Schrifted Sans font family
SFT Schrifted Sans Family
SFT Schrifted Sans font family
SFT Schrifted Sans Family
Features: none
Language: French
Style: ExtraBold
SFT Schrifted Sans French language test
Features: none
Language: German
Style: DemiBold
SFT Schrifted Sans German language test
Features: Hooked l, g straight terminal
Language: Swedish
Style: Bold Italic
SFT Schrifted Sans Swedish language test
Features: Two-storey a, Two-storey g
Language: Polish
Style: Regular Compact
SFT Schrifted Sans Polish language test
Features: Headline set, Two-storey g
Language: English
Style: Black
SFT Schrifted Sans English language test
Features: Two-storey a
Language: Russian
Style: Medium
SFT Schrifted Sans Russian Cyrillic test
Features: Two-storey a
Language: Bulgarian
Style: Bold Italic
SFT Schrifted Sans Bulgarian Cyrillic test
Features: Two-storey a
Language: Serbian
Style: Italic Compact
SFT Schrifted Sans Serbian Cyrillic test
Features: Headline set, Round dots
Language: Belorussian
Style: Black
SFT Schrifted Sans Belorussian Cyrillic test
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